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Packaging is crucial in preventing food waste and keeping fruit and vegetables fresh, and that’s where we add value. We have the know-how for this in-house and have developed it to such an extent that we can package your fresh produce not only conventionally, but also sustainably. In many shapes and sizes, under a private label or our own label: Johannes. The choice is all Joors!

Johannes packaging
Johannes packaging sustainable

Our recyclable packaging

With 100% biodegradable natural cardboard, derived from sustainable logging, we can develop customised solutions for all your packaging challenges. Our trays, baskets, and banderoles, which are produced with our own “cradle to cradle” packaging line, can reused up to seven times, and are fully biodegradable. Our natural cardboard can be printed with food-safe ink, with the choice of sustainable packaging under a blank or private label.

Johannes packaging sustainable
Johannes packaging apples
Transport packaging

Our conventional packaging

At Joors, we share the dream of bringing our company even closer to nature. Based on that enthusiasm, we have already taken many steps towards replacing plastic and plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives. We only deliver some products in conventional trays, bags, and foils because of their high moisture content. Like our sustainable packaging, we offer you this packaging option under both blank and private labels.

conventional packing bananas
Bananas conventional packing

Our Johannes packaging

Our own label, Johannes, forms the basis of all packaging options, with a refreshing design that immediately catches the eye. Under this label, we package vegetables by variety and fruit both by variety and mixed in trays, baskets, and banderoles. In this way, Johannes makes all of our fresh produce even more appealing!

Johannes sustainable packing pears
Johannes sustainable packaging tangerines
Johannes sustainable packaging tomatoes

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Want to know more?

Want to know more about our packaging options? Feel free to reach out to our purchasing and sales team. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our product range and are eager to explain our turnkey service that includes ordering, packing and delivery.

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