Our Drive Thankful for
the goodness
of earth!

The beauty of creation never fails to amaze us at Joors. Through whatever we do, we seek a connection with the grandeur and vulnerability of nature. The joy it gives us motivates us to be grateful for the world in which we are lucky to live.

Thankful for the goodness of earth!

We believe that creation always provides us with what we need, and that’s why our family company has been wholesaling potatoes, fruit, and vegetables for almost a century. Products that are the best that the earth has to offer, which we buy at the source, package, and deliver fresh to you, our valued customer. For four generations, this is how we have been making it possible for our customers to enjoy what the planet has to offer. All out of our love for the natures’ goodness!

What drives Joors?
What drives Joors?
What drives Joors?

Our food These products are all Joors!

Joors’ products come from all over the world, allowing us to supply high-quality fresh products year round. This gives you the certainty that you will receive the potato, fruit, and vegetable varieties you need when you need them. In the requested quantity, of the right quality, at the right moment.

Our food - Fruit


From the world’s best orchards!

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Our food - Vegetables


From the world’s most fertile land!

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Our food - Potatoes


From the world’s most flourishing fields!

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Our food - Organic fruit & vegetables

Organic fruit & vegetables

Sustainable and pure enjoyment.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more about our (organic) potatoes, fruit, and vegetables? Feel free to reach out to our purchasing and sales team. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our range of fresh (organic) potatoes, vegetables, and fruit, and are eager to explain our turnkey serves that includes ordering, packing and delivery.

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